Author Topic: So, you want to join us? Read this first!  (Read 2502 times)


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So, you want to join us? Read this first!
« on: January 17, 2011, 08:17:46 AM »
We will be using this forum as a method of accepting applicants for the time being since our normal application form that is processed by the organization we are apart of is currently down.  The process is simple.  First, if you have not done so please take some time to register to the forums. 

Once you are registered to the forum, return to this thread and copy the application formation below, you may refer to the sample application for a brief example.  After you post a topic in the 'Joint the Game!' board one of the command team members should get back to you within 24 hours!

NOTE: If you want to be a role-player in our universe wide game (IE a member of the Federation Council, a Romulan Senator, etc) please follow the same format below, however, we are more stringent with the requirements for participating in our universe play!

Application Format:

Please title the topic subject with the Character Name you are going to use and the primary position you are interested in.  (eg. Matt Keenan applying for Chief of Botany)

Personal Information (Do not include email, command team can see it in your profile, this is to protect you from spam bots!)

Are you a member of UCIP: Yes/No
If not, where did you find us:

Character Information:

Position you are applying for:
Another position you might be interested in:

Additional Comments:
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