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[USS Charon] [Romulan Empire] SD241402.20 | "Alea iacta est" Prelude Part 2| Praetor Arrenhe t'Ahaefvthe

Consecutusque  cohortis ad Rubiconem flumen, qui provinciae eius finis erat, paulum constitit,  ac reputans quantum moliretur, conversus ad proximos: "Etiam nunc,"  inquit, "regredi possumus;  quod si  ponticulum transierimus, omnia armis agenda erunt." - Suetonius.

[Location  Unknown]
Bright tawny  light filtered in through the array of stained windows that lined the edges of  the ceiling illuminating the large crescent shaped conference table at the  room's heart an ambient gold.  All but  one of the twelve seats that lined the table's outer curve were filled.  It was quite an eclectic gathering of  military personnel and politicians who were at present arguing amongst  themselves.  At the table's open center  sat Arrenhe in the glistening viridian of her Praetorial robes acting oblivious  to the heated discussion and fist slamming that echoed through the room like  thunder.  It was such an unrefined  display that it would have been hard for Arrenhe's ears not to be offended but  she knew the discharge of energy would be useful to her later and let them  carry on.

"An  accident?  Do you honestly expect us  believe that?!"  Senator Nvaed  tr'Delon slammed his fist onto the table again.   Apparently he didn't understand that this wasn't one of the lower  senate's floor debates and that causing such a commotion was unnecessary to be  heard.  But he did have a point.  No one in the room believed that lie and  least of all Arrenhe.

"I  agree."  The much calmer voice of  EnRiov Lyna t'Hnea rose up through the commotion.  "But the problem remains... who?  It is no secret that Vaebn tr'Ehhelih was one  of the Empress' closest allies in the Senate.   If he has been killed it would have been by one of her enemies."  Lyna paused for two breaths as she gently  tugged a wrinkle out of the magenta sash that held the golden hatham crested  sigil of the second fleet "enemies that currently fill this room."

"Are  you suggesting that one of us is the murderer?"  tr'Delon glared at Lyna "how do we know  it's not you?"

"Your  tongue is quite loose to make such a serious accusation Senator."  From the opposite end of the table Khre'Riov  tr'Kaija's voice dripped with scarcely veiled contempt as he addressed tr'Delon  "how do we know that you are not the one responsible for tr'Ehhelih's  death?  For all we know this whole thing  is some silly charade to deflect suspicion off of your own person."

 Nvaed tr'Delon raised his fist in preparation  to slam it down for the fourth time but the sound of metal hitting the table stopped  him and caused a hush to fall over the room.   Takaram tr'Thrai pushed the glimmering edge of polished silver forward  enough for everyone to see.  Silence  lingered as all eyes rested on the EnRiov and the honor blade he had set in  front of him.  The challenge didn't need  be spoken as he commanded the room's attention easily "enough of this  meaningless banter."  He looked at  Arrenhe "Praetor what do you know of this?   Who is responsible?"

Who?  That was a good question and while Arrenhe  didn't have proof she had enough suspicion in her mind that her eyes betrayed  her thoughts and focused on Taev tr'Relek.   The smirking EnRiov followed her gaze towards him and raised a brow  while looking away sheepishly.  Oh what a  clever little creature he was.  That  expression on his face was foolish and deflecting but she knew better.  As Ambassador to Earth Arrenhe once had the  opportunity to visit the London Zoo where she had encountered this creature  called a Hyena.  It was a doltish beast  that preened and laughed this ridiculous shrill noise- but behind that veneer  it was a vicious predator with a deadly bite.   That is how she viewed tr'Relek.    Death seemed to follow him so casually- first his commanding officer  leading to his promotion as commander of the IRW Rhea's Helm and then later the  former Eisn system security chief who seemingly died of 'indigestion.'  It was little secret that he had supported  several current Senators financially and in return they had influence the  appointment to his current position.   Behind that smirk there were daggers and it was likely that one of them  had embedded itself in tr'Ehhelih.

"  Praetor, it seems your eyes are focusing on me?"  tr'Relek let out a half hearted chuckle as  several gazes had followed Arrenhe's onto him "at this point does it truly  matter who killed tr'Ehhelih?  He was  aiding the Empress in the Senate by attempting to enforce that absurd  declaration to integrate our forces with the Federation.  He was an enemy to our people, a traitor, and  his death should be the least of our concerns."

"So it  was you."  EnRiov Gwiu t'Knei,  Commander of the Tal'Diann, sneered at tr'Relek who was seated beside her  "how dare you act outside this committee.   You have put us all in dange-"

"How  dare I act outside this committee?  What  has it done while the Empress walks over every essence of our being?  While she throws our forces to the  Federation's defense and allows this rag of a commonwealth to disgrace what it  means to be Romulan?  Yes I had  tr'Ehhelih killed.  That insufferable  fool was a disgrace and I was not going to sit still and allow him to continue  the Empress' bidding in the Senate.  The  Zorek only agreed to join this committee because we expected something would be  done about her  but yet here we sit  arguing over nonsense."

"Nonsense?  Nonsense?"  t'Hnea shook her head at him her tone  disbelieving "how dare you lecture us when you have put us all in  danger?  If the Empress didn't know she  had enemies before she will certainly know now.   She will strengthen her grip and slowly root us out.  I don't understand how you can be so blind to  the stupidity of what you have done?  Every  preparation we have made to rid of her are now imperiled.  Months of planning possibly wasted because of  you."
"Perhaps  I was a bit premature-"

"Yes,  I'm sure your wife would likely agree."   The cutting insult caused a brief chorus of chuckles to echo through the  room.  Every head turned towards the last  empty seat at the far right of the table where a flickering hologram now hovered  behind it.  "Lyna you are wasting  your time trying to talk sense to such that abominable creature.  So let's not waste time and get to the heart  of the matter."  The svelte figure  placed two hands on the back of the chair and focused her piercing violet eyes  on Arrenhe.  "Am I right  Praetor?"

"Khre'Riov  t'Rehu.  I assume preparations are  done?"  Arrenhe let a smirk slip as  she watched the Khre'Riov's flickering image slowly take its place in the  chair.  Plenty of those gathered had  debated the merits of giving Shiarrael t'Rehu such a responsibility.  After all she was considered by many to be a  traitor- but Arrenhe knew the Khre'Riov's strategic prowess were almost  unmatched.  The fact that Takaram spoke highly  of her only solidified Arrenhe's opinion and she hoped the Khre'Riov would  prove the old EnRiov's words true.

t'Rehu's  hands seemed to play with an invisible device as her eyes scanned the table top  while reading.  Finally she looked up and  turned to face most of the group "As well as can be.  We have had to rush the final preparations  due to unforeseen circumstances."   Her gaze twisted towards tr'Relek as she spoke "but they are  done.  Everyone knows their role I  assume?"  She paused and waited for  anyone to disagree and when no one did she continued "we have advanced the  timetable by a week.  This will increase  the possibility of failure by ten percent."  Her image flickered again "but there is no  turning back."

"Failure  will mean death."  tr'Delon spoke up  "if your plan fails Khre'Riov we will be dead in short order.  I hope the Praetor's faith in you was not  misplaced."

"Well,  you will just have to see now won't you?"   t'Rehu grinned and stood up "failure is always a possibility.  If you were not prepared to die you should  have never agreed to this plan.  I  believe our chances are good and that we will succeed but by no means am I  graced with perfection."  She looked  at Arrenhe again "with everyone's permission I will give the order to  begin."

Arrenhe  nodded feeling a swell of anticipation.   "Begin.  Everyone is  dismissed.  We will speak again after all  is said and done."  She looked at  Shiarrael as figures began to disappear from around the table "please wait  a second Khre'Riov."  Arrenhe watched  the last hologram fizzle away before she spoke again "tr'Relek is a  problem."

t'Rehu  nodded "indeed but I would not concern myself too much with him  Praetor.  That matter will be dealt  with."

"Will  it?"  Arrenhe stood up "very well.  I have high expectations."

"As do  I."  t'Rehu replied as her image  also fizzled out.

"So  this is where we are?"  Arrenhe looked  at the empty sun drenched table.   "Empress I am sorry for what we are about to do to you but the  Empire will be stronger for it."

Captain Shiarrael t'Rehu
Commanding Officer
USS Charon


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