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Useful Phrases
« on: November 10, 2010, 12:58:25 PM »
"Activate transporter" -- hteij'rhae
"All's well" -- oiuu'n mnekha
"As far as I know" -- rhhaensuriuu
"Attention!" -- vaed'rae
"Back off" or "Back away from" -- akhae
Bastard -- wort (means 'disgraceful ancestry', not illegitimacy)
"Be welcome" -- Aefvadh
"Be well" (goodbye) -- Bedah
Bit** (derog. term for a female) -- Susse-thrai
"Can you Hear?" (sarcastic) -- hnafiv'au-d
"Can you see?" (sarcastic) -- hnafirh'au-d
"Come back here!" -- h'ta-fvau
"Come on!" -- mnaes
"Come over here" -- h'tah-fvienn
crap -- hnaev
damn -- fvadt
"Dear heart" (term of enderment)-- a'rhea
Denebian slime devil -- denebhan'ahlh
Derogitory word for "human" -- havam
Derogitory word for Klingon -- Klivam
"Do you understand?" -- ssuej'd'ifv
Elements be thanked -- Kholairlh-a ihir hann'yyo'ir
Elements protect us -- Kholairlh-a deleth mnevher
Elements willing (granting) -- Kholairlh-a ssaed-asi
"Fire disruptors" -- ie'yyak-hna'h
F*** (vulger verb) -- imirrhlhhse
Garbage, trash (used as an insult) -- ryak'na
Go, engage, Fire -- hna'h
"Halt!" or "Stop!" -- beest
Hello/Goodbye/Greetings/Farewell -- jolan'tru
"I request this be done at once." -- sthea'hwill
idiot -- feanna
I'm sorry -- arhem usae
"Indeed" -- rh'e
"Is everything okay?" (lit. "advise me whether all is well") -- aeuthn qiu oaii mnek'nra?
Jerk -- dha'rudh
"Let me (us) hear it." -- hnafiv'rau
"Let me (us) see it." -- hnafirh'rau
"Locking on", "Perpare for transport" -- "Lhhwoi-sdei"
"Look here", or "Look at this" -- ta'khreen
"Love devil" or "lust devil" (a term of enderment) -- h'levreinnye
Madam, Ma'm -- llhei
My apologies (formal) -- Thlhom veherr'a
My love -- e'lev
No, not -- na
Passion flower (a term of enderment) -- sahe'lagga
Observe caution -- ahrrein'firh
Oh Elements, advert it! -- Ai'Kholairlh-a tyohr aei
Oh Fire, Air, and Earth -- Ai'Okhala, Jaeih, u'Avilh
Oh, really? -- hra'vae
"Okay" or "Alright" -- gaenoh
Powers and Elements -- Caelis-a u' Kholairlh-a
"Red alert!" - Mneani nhyrh
Report to me now! (urgent) -- hallh'na
Screen off -- ta'khoi
Screen on -- ta'rhae
Sir -- Rekkhai
SOB -- Faelirh ch'susse-thrai
Thank you -- hann'yyo
Thank you very much -- Hann'yyo rhissiuy
That's just enough! -- llilla'hu
Vaehkh -- a derogatory term that translates as "neighbor", used for a stranger especially an alien.
What? -- fvah
What else? -- hre va
What in the Element's name? -- Fvah dha'nia Kholairlh-a nahi
What in (the) Hell? -- Fvah dha'nia Areinnye
What now? -- fvah'lla
Who are you (to be asking/doing this)? -- vah-udt (lit. 'What rank?')
Worm (found in domestic hlai pens), an insult -- "Kllhean annelid"
Yes -- ie
You have the bridge ("you have command") -- ri'lae'fv'htaiell
You'll do. -- ihlla'hn
You're dead! (a threat) -- Au`rh yy'a
You're drunk -- Au`rh hhaes